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  1. Dead Stefanie

    UPDATE! New Players RECORD!

    A-TEAM ROLEPLAY As of September 16, 2018 (Sunday) We broke again it again! We reached 27 players! Our Mission Statement to You A-Team Roleplay is and Always be a community, Where all players will enjoy a wonderful gaming experience. We have and will dedicate our precious time to the...
  2. Dead Stefanie

    ANNOUNCEMENT Helper Team Application Recruitment Status [CLOSED]

    Hello There, The Helper Recruitment is now OPEN , before you apply make sure to read these [ READ ] And once you read that you may apply. For those who don't know where is the application format is It's right here [ CLICK HERE ] Signed by: Wade Hilkin Assistant Helper Manager
  3. Dead Stefanie

    INFORMATION Helper Team Application Format

    HELPER APPLICATION 1. Personal Information 1.1 - Full Name: Insert Here 1.2 - Age: Insert Here 1.3 - Timezone: Insert Here 1.4 - Country of residence: Insert Here 1.5 - When did you join the community?: Insert Here 2. Examination Background 2.1 Why would you like to become a helper...
  4. Dead Stefanie

    INFORMATION How to become a helper and what does one needs?

    Helper Team | Community Relations Manager Try your best until you succeed You never abuse the commands which is /newb, /g or /report, You must use /report if you see a player hacking as always and inform an administrator. You mustn't be giving the helpers items In-Game while in a duty such...