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  1. Mr.Foster

    REAL Map editor: The fixed edition! (UPDATED 8-3-2016 - 0.3c support!)

    Well you actually liked it despite all of it's flaws you will be pleased with this new version: Improvements: HELP SCREEN (!) Improved camera controls improved object placement controls be able to change object IDE numbers on the fly in editor SPEEDED UP RENDERING & LOADING (by at least 3...
  2. Mr.Foster

    Map editor: (ALL SA-MP VERSIONS) with removebuilding support.

    This is a natural upgrade of the map editor i've been working on, it has several important new features: - More optimizations - Support for import and export of removebuilding generated code lines - support for quick clipboard import - support for loading & displaying COLLISION meshes (when...
  3. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [Guide]Payhelp

    Pay Help Guide. 2. read the /payhelp Read read the /taxhelp
  4. Mr.Foster

    Approaching a Gang Faction

    Approaching a Gang Faction ApproachingAfrican american gang factions are usually based around neighborhood roleplay. So before even considering walking up to a gang, you should have atleast some basic knowledge on what neighborhood roleplay is. But keep on reading, and I'll show you the ropes...
  5. Mr.Foster

    [GUIDE] Character Development

    Character Development The process of creating a character's background, physicality, appearance, and personality. Character Development is to role play as a nucleus is to a cell. It's the brain to role play. It makes your path way easier. Getting an early start on what your character's future...
  6. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [GUIDE]Pizza job.

    Hello A-TeamRP I'm John William and today I will show you how to work as Pizza Boy! This is job place - Pizza Stack! after you placed a find job that you enter once you hit pizza You see my map to there those outside the pizza once you come and you press y or enter there those inside...
  7. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [GUIDE]Craftsman Job

    Good day A-Team RolePlay, I made a guide for Craftsman job. And I hope this will help you out. These are the steps: 1st one, ofcourse [/findjob] to see the list of jobs. After that, choose "Craftsman" . . Look at my red mark and go to that And now, I have arrived on the checkpoint. You...
  8. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [Guide] Drugs

    Here's some useful information on certain types of drugs and what they give you. Weed - 5% Armour. Acid - 10% Armour. PCP - 10% Armour. Ecstasy - 10% Armour. Heroin - 10% Armour. Cocaine - 15% Armour. Crack - 20% Armour. Addiction Obviously you'll become addicted to certain types of...
  9. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [GUIDE] Car Dealerships and Prices

    Sports Dealership ((/locations > Sports Dealership)) Buffalo- $220,000 Infernus - $700,000 Cheetah - $550,000 Banshee - $450,000 Bullet - $500,000 Turismo - $600,000 Sabre - $80,000 Clover - $80,000 Stretch - $150,000 ZR-350 - $250,000 Comet - $175,000 Blista Compact (Blista) - $135,000 Super...
  10. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [Guide] All Faction List.

    Everything you need to know is below! How do i join a faction? Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) 1. Short introduction of what the PD is nowadays. - The LSPD is a faction which basically keeps the balance between order and chaos. - There was a time where the LSPD didn't have a...
  11. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [Guide] Joining A Gang

    As we all know, playing on A-TeamRP is incredibly fun and enjoyable. However, joining a gang or a faction will boost your game experience quite a bit! Being a part of a gang will give you a sense of belonging and the safety that you need during these hard times. You will receive a lot of...
  12. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE FAQ:Rules

    DM, RK, SK Since there is no metagame rule enforcement. Am I allowed to shoot someone for insulting me in the "/b" chat? No. You're not allowed to shoot someone without an IC reason. You have been killed by someone, and before you got finished you got saved by the medics. Are you allowed to go...
  13. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE guide-list-of-turfs-in-los-santos

    Well I've been thinking to make this guide for the new members of the gangs/faction, Enjoy! List: Locations: Las Colinas Perk: Combat Shotgun In map: 2. Las Colinas
  14. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [Guide] Become the best lawyer in town!

    Why would I want to be a lawyer? Being a lawyer is quite a good way to earn some extra cash as a civilian. The crime rates in Los Santos are sky high and you will surely find a client. Gangmembers are often being investigated or followed by LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers), and they need your...
  15. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [GUIDE] How to get a full armor (vest)

    Hello A-Team RolePlay! Today I am again here to teach you how to get a full vest. Just follow steps below! So let's start! Step 1: Let's buy a medium armor (vest) from the ammunation. Use /requesthelp for a directions! Step 2: When you are finally inside the ammunation then type /buy and...
  16. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [GUIDE]How to Change skin/Clothes

    Hello A-Team RolePlay! Today I am again here to teach you how change skin/clothes, Just follow me. Step 1: Use /Helpme for a directions. Step 2: When you are finally inside the store then type (/NearestBusiness) Step 3 Click Clothes Store Step 4 go red Map and enter the door...
  17. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [GUIDE] How to level up?

    Hello A-Team Roleplay! Today I am again here to teach you how to get a higher Level. Just follow steps below! So let's start! Step 1: Make sure that you have enough money and respect points. You can check how much respect points and money you have by using /stats. Step 2: When you've...
  18. Mr.Foster

    GUIDE [GUIDE] How and where can we get guns?

    You can buy a new gun from the ammunation (But you need to be atleast level 2) > Use /requesthelp for a directions.. When you're finally at the Ammunation then type /buy Next, you will see a list of what you can buy from the ammunation. Step 3: You can craft your own weapons when you...