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    Hello Bitches.

    Hello Bitches.
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    GUIDE Weapon type and Materials Needed!

    i've posted this Guide in order to help New players in here know every weapon type and each materials needed. [Hand Gun] Desert Eagle Desert Eagle (2000 Materials) Sdpistol Sdpistol (200 Materials) 9mm 9mm (170 Materials) [Rifle] County Rifle County Rifle (1150 Materials) Sniper...
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    GUIDE How to join a gang.

    You have to do that then what is the use of the commands this is normal lol
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    GUIDE A-Team RolePlay - BEST HELP GUIDE!

    **GENERAL** These are general commands which you should know, and which are most probably the most useful commands you will ever need in your experiance of SAMP! Next command : /PAY This command is where you can hand people cash through /pay [ID] [Amount]. Level one's can only pay $100 at a...
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    GUIDE A-Team RolePlay - BEST HELP GUIDE!

    A-Team RolePlay Welcome to A-Team RolePlay the best roleplay server you could find! I made this guide for mainly new players which don't know what your commands do. This describes and explains what every single command does in detail. So how do you find out what your commands do? Use the...
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    GUIDE How to join a gang.

    Thank you guys for the support. :)
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    GUIDE How to take a Screenshot and post

    How to take and post a Screenshot As you read this guide you will become familiar with how to take screenshots and post them on the forums. This is a fairly easy procedure but not everyone knows how to do it correctly. Firstly, let's navigate to your keyboard Whilst you are ingame you press...
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    GUIDE How to DL/Use TeamSpeak! (TS-TeamSpeak)

    Briefing TeamSpeak is a software for quality voice communication. It is used on the Horizon-RP community for members to chat with each other. For example; LSPD, LSFMD, FBI, and numbers of gangs. Members also use TeamSpeak to just chat with each other on the server, which is easier than typing...
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    GUIDE A Newbs Guide to Jobs!

    A Newbs Guide to Jobs! The reason this guide was created was to ensure that new players understand what each job does, and where you can find them. Let's begin! This is the Lawyer job. It's basic use is for lawyering suspects that have wanted stars. It comes in handy and pays nice depending...
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    GUIDE How to join a gang.

    Hello! Today I'm going to show you how to join a gang! First of all, you must need a cellphone, and a phone book. You can buy these from a 24/7 store.When you enter, you type /buy. It will appear as the following Click 24/7 Items Afterwards, you will have to use [/gangs] to check the gang...
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