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A-Team Roleplay

Hello Everyone!
Today i have decided to Purge the whole system of A-Team Roleplay and unban every player from our services!
I will announce soon how to apply for Factions and Staffs Positions. So be active and delete your hacks to play in our community. If you are with me in growing our community back and making it successful then ever, just avoid hacks and bad behavior after all its just a game play it for fun and i will be with you!

Thanks For Reading.
Stay Happy and Cool!
A-Team Roleplay
Mass Unban

Dear A-Team,
After a long time of absence, we are here to rise up again!

We're welcoming every individual to come back and play A-Team as it wasn't happened nothing. We know that we're human and we do mistakes and being punished from it, but today we're doing a mass unban for every account has been banned from past.

Welcome back A-Team Roleplay! #ATEAMRPFOREVER

Note: - If you haven't been unbanned, please post a ban appeal at the appeal section.
- We're unbanning in-game accounts only.


Hello Everyone!
we are hosting our biggest Giveaway Event on this EID with many cool Gifts for every participant and some Gifts for the whole A-Team Roleplay Community, So get ready to Participate with us in this event and Make this EID Special for every person of A-Team Roleplay. Every Member will now Have House/Cars/Bikes/Boats/Helicopters/Businesses/Lands and Much More.

We are Giving away some awesome Gifts as below:

2x Large Lands
3x Small Lands
2x Tier 2 Businesses (Ad store / Gun store / 24x7)
5x Tier 1 Businesses (Restaurants / Pizza Stacks / Gyms / Burger Shots / Clothes Stores)
3x NRG-500 (Motor Bike)
5x Squalo (Boats)
10x Houses
5x Mavericks (Helicopters)
5x Sparrow (Helicopters)
10x 100k Dollars $$$

And Much More Coming Soon.

2x Large Lands

To Participate in this Giveaway!

A-Team Roleplay Server Update

Our mission statement to you...

A-Team Roleplay is and Always be a community, Where all players will enjoy a wonderful gaming experience. We have and will dedicate our precious time to the community. All the players are equal in the front of ATRP Law, Whether it's Admin or Management himself. We are looking for quality, Not for quantity. We are looking for Skills, Not for money. We aren't believing in the Past or Future, It's the Present time which is going on and none had seen future. Watch a trailer for one time and we will show you the whole movie here.
The community is being recognised as an A-Team RP since 2016, Founded by Newton Dalton. The reason behind choosing this word is, Creating a Successful community where all players will get a chance which a staff member had got. We believe in a truth, We won't let your hopes die. Therefore, #AteamRoleplay4EVER

Update 1.2.230 Overview

The list below is raw change logs.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a Minor bug in name-change.
- Fixed Bank robbery timer reset system.
- Fixed hack check after spawn
- Fixed a land Bug where Players were able to create object more than 250
- Fixed some Minor Bugs in Building Land Dialogs.
- Fixed Turf Boundaries.
- Fixed a bug where land objects were not removing when editor dies while editing.
- Players can no longer /accept anything else while cuffed and injured.
- Improved Fishing Nets.
- Re-arranged all the turfs positions.
- Fixed false detection of the Anti-weapons system.
- Fixed Bugs in anti fly-hack system
- Fixed 5-second bug while entering/exiting buildings.
- Removed useless commands from /help.
- Removed useless objects around Los Santos.
- Fixed /sellmyhouse Cmd.
- Fixed MySQL Bugs.
- Updated Includes.
- Fixed many other Minor Bugs.
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