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The truck segment confirmed huge progress on the 2014 show. The Chevrolet was once named the show’s most up to date Truck within the annual SEMA Awards,which honor vehicles most generally Exoslim with Exoboost featured by using exhibitors of their booths. As soon as once more,the Jeep Wrangler also reigned supreme because the exhibit’s freshest 4x4-SUV. In the show off, the trophy for exceptional New Off-road/4-Wheel drive Product wentto Bubba Rope for its new Gator-Jaw tender Shackle. Runner component fifty five Bridle and Rugged Ridge for the highest gentle top and cargo rack following pages characteristic new Truck, SUV & Off-road purposes that debuted on the 2014 SEMA exhibit in Las Vegas. Together with the merchandise, we’ve interviewed a few enterprise executives for their views on current tendencies, together with recommendation for promoting into the category.
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