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Rules & Regulations of Ateam Roleplay

Every community member is obligated to follow every rule mentioned here. We believe in an equal and fair gaming. We don't provide any type of Unfairness towards any member. We would give our full hopes, Work to provide a Best gaming Experience.

Forums Rules

Account Security

We don't store any of account information, Including passwords. Nor any of staff member will ask it in future. You should report it to the management if something happened. You should be responsible for any misuse of the account.
A Community member is not allowed to sell his account for real/in game money. This can result in a Termination of the account.
Any account which is caught for a illegal purpose or breaking the community rules will result in a termination.

Spamming / Pornography

Spamming is not tolerated anywhere on this site.
Any adult content is not allowed, We reserve a right to Terminate any account based on these terms.

Advertising/ Non English Posts

All posts should be in English Language, No other language is allowed at any section.
Posts which includes a Hacks, IP, Website address except Ateamrp, And any words which may spoil our community is not allowed.


We don't allow any of our user to post a copyrighted or Plagiarized content. Every post is verified my the staff team Before it is being posted.
This rule strictly applies for Staff members - Community members. Anyone caught of breaking the term, Account Termination + Additional punishments will be given.

Server/Game Rules

Exploiting/Illegal Modifications

Hacks, Using illegal modifications, Harming the community, Or anything which provides you a Binefit on other player will not be tolerated.


1st Offence : 1 Week Ban
2nd Offence : Account Termination
3rd Offence: Permanent Ban

Death Match

You are not allowed to shoot any player without aN In Character Reason. You can kill the player within 10 minutes, If The player haven't died.


1st Deathmatch Warning = 1 hour Weapon restriction + 10% Damage Reduce
2nd Deathmatch Warning = 3 hour Weapon restriction + 20% Damage Reduce + Kick
3rd Deathmatch Warning = 6 hour Weapon restriction + 30% Damage Reduce + Kick + 15 minutes Jail.
4th Deathmatch Warning = 9 hour Weapon restriction + 40% Damage Reduce + Kick + 30 minutes Jail
5th Deathmatch Warning = 12 hour Weapon restriction + 50% Damage Reduce + Kick + 1 hour Jail + 50% fine
6th Deathmatch Warning = Temporary Ban for 3 Days.

Revenge Killing

A Player is not allowed to kill any player, Who already killed him while ago. This Rules doesn't applies for Turfs.


1st Offence :A Dm Warning + 30 Minutes Jail
2nd Offence : A Dm Warning + 45 Minutes Jail
3rd Offence: A Dm Warning + 60 Minutes Jail

Spawn Kill

A Player is not allowed to kill/shoot any other player, Who have recently spawned from a hospital.


A Dm Warning + 45 Minutes Jail

Using OOC Methods while an In Character Incident

A Player is not allowed to Quit/Tab while an Ic Fight and Incident is going on, Unless Something Unussual happens with the game.


Dm Warning + 60 Minutes Jail + 7%Fine


A Player is not allowed to rob the player unless he is level7+.
You are not allowed to rob a player under level 5.
A Player is not allowed to scam More than $50,000.
You may not scam /Rob the same player within a 24-hour period. The player must have been give 60 seconds to respond before you can take any action against the player with a weapon.

The money will always be removed and given back to the rightful owner. This only includes in-character deals and not out of character deals (except donations).


60 Minutes Jail + 11% Fine

Car Ramming/Ninja Jacking/Hele Blading

A Player is not allowed to use Alternate methods for harming the community, Example: Car ramming - Ninja Jacking - Hele Blading. These indcidents will not be tolerated.


Dm Warning + 30 Minutes Jail

Money Farming

Using Multiple accounts for transferring the money.


1st Offence: Account Termination
2nd Offence: Permanent Ban

SAMP Advertisement

Advertising any other community is not allowed, As Samp terms states. It may result in a Server Termination.


1st Offence: Temporary Ban
2nd Offence: Permanent Ban