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Pearl Donation Package

$6.99 per month


  • • Access to the donator sections on the forums
  • • Donator usergroup on the forums
  • • Pearl tag on OOC game communications (/g, /o, etc)
  • • Access to phone number changing station ($2,500 per change)
  • • Access to custom license plates for your personal vehicles
  • • Ability to have up to 2 personal vehicles spawned at one time
  • • Ability to own up to 7 cars
  • • Ability to own and wear up to 6 toys
  • • Bank interest rate increased to 0.2 (cap limit of $5,000)
  • • Ability to hide your name on SMS messages (/phoneprivacy)
  • • Ability to upgrade your armor up to 75, up from the regular 50
  • • Ability to change the color of in-game advertisements
  • • Ability to set automatic text/SMS reply message
  • • ATM machines are free to use
  • • Free skin changes

  • After donating, please fill out this form to redeem this item.

    Note: By donating, you are accepting our terms and conditions

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