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GUIDE A Newbs Guide to Jobs! (1 Viewer)

Jack Almino

Jul 15, 2016
A Newbs Guide to Jobs!
The reason this guide was created was to ensure that new players understand what each job does, and where you can find them.
Let's begin!


This is the Lawyer job. It's basic use is for lawyering suspects that have wanted stars. It comes in handy and pays nice depending on the person who's wanted and how fast you can assist. You also can be summoned to be a lawyer for someone who was jailed, in which you can lower their time and such. This job is found north of the Big Ammunation and before the Bank.


This is the Arms Dealer job. It's basic use is for creating weapons for yourself, and friends. This comes in handy for self defense. Please note, one does require materials to make weapons. This job is found in Market/All Saints, at the Big Ammunation.


This is the Detective Job. It allows you to /find suspects, and it will pop up on your mini map a red checkpoint. You will have 10 seconds or so to find them. Once the times up, there is a cool down. This is good for finding suspects as a LEO, or finding people in general. It is found inside the Los Santos Police Department, Pershing Square.


This is the Taxi Driver Job. It allows you to go on duty as a taxi driver, and set fares for each taxi ride. The further they make you drive, the more payment you get. This is useful and a quick way to make money, as some people are very kind. It is found near Idlewood/Pershing Square!


This is the Craftsman job. It allows you to create tools and other useful things that help you out! You can create GPS's, screwdrivers and other tools! It's found near the Sweeper job, south of Ganton Gym.


This is the Sweeper job. Go on duty by hopping into the sweeper and drive around Los Santos! This is a sure fire way of earning easy cash, without working hard! You can find this job south of Ganton Gym, right next to the Craftsman job.


This is the Trucker job. This job allows you to transport goods, legal and illegal across San Andreas, and earn cash for doing so, depending on how fast you complete the run. The higher then level you get, the more money you earn. This job can be found in Dilmore and near the Airport/Ocean Docks.


This is the Bodyguard Job. This job allows you to protect people using /protect or /guard id. This will give you a popup asking how much you want to charge per vest. This is a simple way to earn quick cash, and can help out in general. You can find this job at the Ganton gym, and at the Mall in All Saints/Rodeo.


This is the WHORE job. This job allows you to become a prostitute and have sex. Simply find a person wishing to hire you, and use /sex id. This however can get you an STD! You can also die from this disease ICly. Watch our and beware! This job can be found near Los Colinas, at the Pig Pen!


This is the Mechanic job. This job allows you to become a mechanic and fix vehicles. You can also use it to roleplay. This job is found near the Trucker job, near the Airport, it is also out front of the Gun Store!

So, these are the basic jobs found on ATeam Role-Play You can find More and More jobs on our server /findjob and enjoy. if need more assistance /helpme and our helper team would be happy assisteing you.

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