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Approaching a Gang Faction (1 Viewer)


Apr 23, 2016
Approaching a Gang Faction

ApproachingAfrican american gang factions are usually based around neighborhood roleplay. So before even considering walking up to a gang, you should have atleast some basic knowledge on what neighborhood roleplay is. But keep on reading, and I'll show you the ropes.

Neighborhood roleplay, is a group of people roleplaying their everyday lives as residents in a certain neighborhood. What's crucial to understand here is that even though they're roleplaying gangbangers on one side, they're also roleplaying characters living in a community. So in order to join a gang, you will have to be a part of the community the gang is located in. Let me explain why.

Joining a gang isn't something that the average person wants to do. If you live in Vinewood and have a big house and three cars, you wouldn't have any in character reason to join a gang, because your character is not desperately in need for the money that the gang life is offering, as he has enough to survive. Nobody joins a gang for fun.

What's crucial to understand here is that you need two reasons to join the gang. A out of character reason, and an in character reason. Out of characterly, your reason for joining the gang is most likely that you want to, because you'd like to try that form of roleplay. But what's your in character reason? The first thing you need to do is ask yourself; Why would my character want to join this gang?

Most people join a gang because they're forced to do so, because of poverty. Poverty basically means living below the average living standard. Not being able to put food on the table every night, not being able to afford a new toothbrush or new clothes. Lack of monetary resources. Poverty often brings drinking problems and drug abuse, making the financial status in the poverty stricken family even worse. And when you're hungry and have no money or food, you need to survive, and a criminal lifestyle with lots of income obviously seems more appealing for a desperate broke man, than a rich man.

By now, you should be ready to join a community. But before joining a community, we'll have to create our character. And I'm not talking about creating a character on the UCP, I'm talking about creating a personality, and a background. It's a good idea to start out as a child, around the age thirteen to sixteen, as gangs usually recruit kids, and not grown ups. Now, most gang infested communities are poverty stricken, so if you're going to join a poverty stricken community, your character will need a poor lifestyle. When roleplaying, you need a reason for everything, I know, but yes. You will also need a background reason for why your character is living in the poverty stricken area. A good reason would be that you're born there, and that both of your parents are lower-class workers, barely making enough money to feed the family, and isn't anywhere close to having money to move out of the area.

Now that you know how to join a community, and why it's important for your relation with the gang, you've just made the difference between being told to fuck off by a gang, and being able to talk to them.

When approaching a gang, you will most likely be asked where you're from. Now if you said you're a rich guy from Vinewood, you'd most likely be robbed and laughed at. But seeing as you're now a resident of the same community as they are, you can now say that you're from their area, and that you're just minding your daily business. This gives you a neutral relationship to the gang members, and they will accept your presence. It's important to understand though, that you're not in the gang, you're a civilian living in the same neighborhood as the gang. This is where you can start making personal bonds with the different gang members. Remember, if you're kid, and if they're older than you, you'd most likely feel intimidated by even talking to them. So it'd be a good idea to make friends with the other kids around your age roleplaying in the area.

Joining The GangNow that you're living in the gang neighborhood, and are known as a resident around there, it's time to start developing your character. If you're starting out as a kid as I recommended, you'll have a lot of developing to do before you can actually join the gang, or before you actually have a reason to.

Your character will have goals, aspirations and emotions just like you do in real life, and they'll be controlled by you. As your character turns older, he will experience things. Maybe he's getting beaten at home, maybe he sees his mother do drugs, maybe both his mother and father are alcoholics. That's all up to you. But everything he experiences will form him. You're the one who decides how it forms him though.

Live your character through the emotions of every single thing he experiences. First time getting robbed, first time getting into a fight, first time smoking weed, first time robbing someone. The key here is getting deeper and deeper into the gang life step by step. Maybe you befriend someone that's already in the gang, and he'll introduce you to things like drug dealing and muggings.

Other Topics of ImportanceAn important thing to always remember is; Why is my character living in this neighborhood?

If you're not yet in the gang, you're probably living there because you don't have money to move out. That means you don't have money for a Sultan or a Cheetah neither.

If you're in the gang, and started dealing drugs, you may have made enough money to move out of the hood. But the gang is your new family, so now you're not going to move out anyway. However, seeing as you're now a drug dealer, you can start roleplaying wealthier and wealthier as your character develops. Maybe you can buy yourself your own house, or your own car. Just remember always to keep in mind why your character is a gangbanger, and why he lives where he does. Have fun roleplaying a gangbanger, and don't hesitate to PM me for questions.

Done from scratch.
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