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GUIDE Frequently Asked Questions on /newb (FAQ) (1 Viewer)

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Retired Helper Manager|Captain
Aug 17, 2016
These are the most frequently asked questions on /newb.I believe that this will help newbies on forums as well.
Where can I buy a house?
A: There are two ways of buying houes. You can buy from players, ask around ICly or use /ad for an advertisement. You can also donate for a house. Go to the donation section on the website.

Q: Where can I buy a car/bike?
A: Type /finddealership to find a dealership that you want to check out. Some vehicles are only obtainable via donations, such as the NRG.

Q: How can I spawn my vehicle?
A: Use the command /vstorage and select the vehicle you wish to spawn.

Q: How do I set the spawn location of my vehicle?
A: Hop into your vehicle and type /park.

Q: How can I get a lock for my car/bike?
A: Head to a 24/7 and buy one. Make sure that your vehicle is spawned. /nearestbusiness > 24/7. Go inside and type /buy to find vehicle locks!

Q: How do I store items in my vehicle?
A: Stand next to your vehicle and type /car trunk, once the trunk is opened, use the /trunkput command.

Q: How can I sell my car?
A: If the car is yours, you can sell it by using the /sellmycar "id" "price" command. You have to sit in your car for this to work.

Q: What are the maximum storage capacity for my vehicles?
A: Your vehicles can hold a maximum of 1.000G of crack and pot. And you can store one weapon, until you upgrade it via /upgrade.
Q: What is the maximum storage capacity for my house?
A. Unlimited materials/crack/pot. You can store one weapon until you upgrade it via /upgrade (See /upgrade explained below).

Q: How can I get a weapon?
A: After two hours of playing you can buy weapons from players. This is usually done via /ad. After 8 hours, you can buy weapons from gunstores. /nearestbusiness > Gunstore, follow the checkpoint.

Q: How do I obtain drugs?
A: You buy drugs from players, usually done via /ad. You can also become a drugdealer and take drugs from their respective house. /guide > Drugs > /Crack Lab/Drug Den.

Q: What do drugs do?
A: There are two types of drugs, I will explain them below:
  • Crack - This will give you armor.
  • Pot - This will give you health.
Q: How do I use drugs?
A: Use these commands: /usepot, /usecrack.You need two grams per dose

Q: How can I track my vehicle?
A: Type /trackcar, and choose the vehicle you wish to track.

Q: How can I see how much drugs/materials I have on me?
A: Use the command /inv, it will display what you have on you.

Q: Which weapons are legal?
A: Rifle, Shotgun and 9mm. All of the others are illegal.

Q: How can I rent a house and what is the purpose of it?
A: You can rent a house by walking up to it and type: /renthouse. The purpose is strictly for RP, you get no benefits from this.

Q: How do I pay someone?
A: You can pay people by standing near them and typing: /pay "ID" "AMOUNT". You can also transfer money from your bank account to theirs. This can be done from the bank, enter and type /wiretransfer "ID" "AMOUNT".

Character Development
Q: I didn't receive my paycheck, why?
A: You have to be online at the moment when the paychecks arrive (XX:01). You also have to be active for atleast 40 minutes to receive it!

Q: Where do I signcheck?
A: You can signcheck anywhere. When the signcheck arrives, you simply type /signcheck.

Q: How do I level up/Get experience?
A: Experience is called "respect points" on AteamRP. Check your /stats, it will tell you how many respect points you need to level up and how much it will cost you. Once you have the required respectpoints, type /buylevel. You get a respectpoint each time you sign your paycheck!

Q: What does /upgrade do and how can I upgrade.
A: Everytime you gain a level, you will receive two upgrade points. Type /upgrade and you will see a list of all the upgrades. I will go through them here:
  • Painkiller - Increases your maximum health points up to 130. This can be received by medics.
  • Gunlocker - Increases the amount of guns you can store in your house.
  • Cargunlocker - Increases the amount of guns you can store in your vehicle.
  • Armor - Increases the amount of armor you spawn with by 2 armor points per each upgrade.
Q: How can I get a job, and which job is the best?
A: We have a lot of jobs on this server, you should try the fisherman job as it pays well.
Q: How can I check my level in a specific skill?
A: Use the command /skill to see.

Q: How can I restore health?
A: You can do this by drinking at sprunk machines, using pot and eating any type of food.

Q: How can I gain armor?
A: You can do this by buying armor from any gunstore(/nearestbusiness > Gunstore) or by using crack.


Q: How can I join a gang?
A: You join gangs by getting an invite from the gang leader(s). Hang out with some gang members and they will introduce you to the leader(s).

Q: How can i see a list of gangs/factions?
A: Use these commands: /gangs & /factions.

Q: How can I join a faction?
A: It's common for factions to only recruit via forums, with live recruitments as exceptions. Go to the forums and head to the respective factions section. You can read how to apply there.

Q: What can I do in a faction?
A: It depends on which faction. In the LSPD/FBI you can chase criminals and help innocent civilians from being harmed. As a LSFMD member you can save people as a medic and put out fires as a firefighter!

Q: How many turfs can factions cap at once?
A: They can have a maximum of three turfs at once.

Q: What is the Hitman Agency?
A: The Hitman Agency is a secret Agency that kill people for money.

Q: How can I place a hit?
A: You can place a hit by using the command: /contract "ID" "AMOUNT" "REASON".

Q: How can I become a hitman?
A: Hitmen are strictly handpicked, you just have to hope that they notice you.

Q: How can I contact 911?
A: Simply use the command: /call 911.

Q: How can I create a gang?
A: Go to this link, It has all the information you may need!

Criminal Activities

Q: How can I rob a bank?
A: You need to be a gang member for this. Your gangleader(s) need to invite you to a robbery. Rank 5 or up is required to start the robbery, no specific rank is required to be invited.

Q: How can I rob a house?
A: Find any house that you can enter, be sure to bring a car with you. Enter the house and type /robhouse, exit the house and open the cars trunk (/car trunk). Deposit your stolen goods in the trunk (/loadfurniture) and follow the checkpoint.

Q: How can I rob a store?
A: Find a store, be sure to bring a car with you and any type of weapon. Enter the store and type /robstore, exit the store with your stolen goods. Open the car trunk(/car trunk) and deposit your items (/loadfurniture). Follow the checkpoint

Q: How do I tie/untie people.
A: Buy a rope from any 24/7 shop(/nearestbusiness > 24/7). Once a person is in the passanger seat of your vehicle, you may tie them with this command(/tie ID). To untie them simply type /untie "ID"

Q: How do I blindfold people?
A: Buy cloth from any 24/7(/nearestbusiness > 24/7). Once a person is tied up and blindfolded inside your vehicle, type /blindfold "ID". To remove the blindfold, use the same command(/blindfold "ID")

Q: How do I picklock vehicles?
A: Buy a picklock or a sonic screwdriver from 24/7 (/nearestbusiness > 24/7). Approach a locked car and simply type /picklock.

Q: How do I get rid of wanted levels(stars)?
A: Contact a lawyer and they will help you out, this is usually done via /ad.

Q: What is notoriety?
A: Notoriety is a measurement of how criminal you are. Everytime you commit a crime, you gain notoriety. When you do something legal, you lose notoriety. If you get high notoriety, you will get into trouble with the FBI.
Q: How can I reduce notoriety?
A: Lawyers can reduce notoriety for you. Find a lawyer via /ad.
Q: What happens when I kill someone?

A: You will gain notoriety, and if anyone saw you, they might kill or arrest you!
Q: What happens if I die?
A: You lose 10 minutes of your IC memory, and your weapons.

Q: What happens if a medic saves me?
A: You keep your memory and your weapons!


Q: How do I sell weapons to people?
A: You need to be an armsdealer or a donator. Use the command: /sellgun "ID" "WEAPON" "PRICE". You need different amounts of materials for different guns.

Q: Can we have sex with people?
A: You can have sex via roleplay, use /do and /me for this. If anyone has the hooker job(/findjob > hooker), they can have sex with you.

Q: How can I see my current job?
A: You can find this information in /stats.


Q: How do I become a helper?
A: Help people all around the community. Answering questions in /newb is a good starter. The helper managers will eventually notice you and hopefully invite you.

Q: How do I become an admin?
A: You become an admin after having a successful helper career.

Q: Are autohotkeys allowed?
A: Yes

Q: Is the CLEO that shows your Health and armor allowed?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the CLEO that shows your damage given and damage taken allowed?
A: No

Q: Is sprintbar allowed?
A: No.

Q: What is OOC?
A: OOC means "Out of Character". It's basicly everything that is not IC (In Character). For example, I may be a police officer ICly, but OOCly I'm a student.

Q: What is IC?
A: It's the very opposite of OOC (see above).
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