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[GUIDE] Character Development (1 Viewer)


Apr 23, 2016
Character Development

The process of creating a character's background, physicality, appearance, and personality. Character Development is to role play as a nucleus is to a cell. It's the brain to role play. It makes your path way easier. Getting an early start on what your character's future is going to be like will make things run smoother. Giving you a brief idea of how to react to certain situations.

- Background: Circumstances or situation prevailing at a particular time or underlying a particular event.


The surroundings or conditions in which a person live or operates, affected by human activity. The environment your character raised up from tell ahead of time what your character's outcome will be. Then he grow up in the ghetto, hood, suburbs, or even an foster home. The type of environment you're raised in will develop your ways and thoughts. It makes the way your brain works. It's the reason you do the things you do in present day. And, it could effect you in a bad way, but also it cool make a good person out of you.


The state of being a child. You should always think of your childhood. There's always a particular event that happened during your childhood that still has an impact on you in your present day life. Maybe you had a bad experience which you can't shake from your head. Maybe you suffered a bad injury that still sticks with you til this exact day. As an teen or adult you'll always look back to your childhood no matter what. And there's no going back to change it.


This is one I really try to pay attention to. The house my character grew up in. This could also go into the environment category. A house hold is an house and it's occupants regarded as a unit. Did you have an abusive mother or dad. Then you grow up seeing your parents fight and fuss all the time, or did you see them love and care for each other? Did they beat you or sexually abused you in any way? There's uncountable events that could have happen within your family boundaries that impacted your life forever. Also, I see most of everyone role plays that their mother and dad is dead. Almost everyone role plays that. Can some of you please stop? It's almost like a parent apocalypse took place at some time. At least some of us should role play having a mother or dad. Maybe even both.

- Appearance: The way that someone or something looks.

This is the way you appear to the eye of others. What's noticeable to others about you. Physical body features, wounds, and the way you dress or fix your hair. It could be anything.

Scars & Cuts

I like role playing scars and cuts. Not a lot of them but some. Everyone has a cut or scar somewhere upon their skin surface. If not, that's just weird. It's like you have been still your entire life without moving. You're always going to have some kind of scar or cut. The one I always role play is an deep inch cut located under my right eye. The background story of the cut that I got into a brawl and was cut by a beer bottle thrown towards me. But it's up to you to come up with your own idea of one. Matter fact, it could be even a mole or birth mark. Maybe you have stab wounds or a bullet wound.


I couldn't wait to get this one out of the way, your tattoos. Listen, tattoos don't always have to be gang related. It could be something you just like or symbolize. Many people have done this IG, (/do What gang affiliated tattoos would be noticed on Malik?). Well, what make you think they are gang affiliated tattoos? Maybe I have my favorite football team logo tatted on me. Or my son's birthday date. Probably the date I met my girl, mom's picture, money, dice, or even a dog or any common tattoo. Role play is staying within boundaries of reality. And in reality, everyone don't have gang tattoos all over them. Just, try to keep things as real as possible with the tattoos.


The way you dress can make good or bad impressions on you. You might dress thuggish, casually, or even feminine. I want everyone to hear this out, there's always an event during life that causes you to change your kind of clothing. I see many people walk into church role playing with their gangster clothes on. What I do, is always keep an casual dressed skin in my inventory and change into it when i'm dong church role play, or even a funeral. Now, also with the colors you ware. Just because you see someone that's role playing to have on red or something. Don't jump to conclusions and accuse him of being blood. Maybe the guy is wearing red because he simply likes red. When you see someone dressed different, sure it's possible to get first impressions in a bad way, but try to keep it at a limit.

- Personality: The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.


This is how you act. Toward certain things or just yourself. Do you behave calm and gentle or reckless and disruptive. Do you have a good attitude or bad attitude. Do you have a bad temper? The way you behave sets your in game maturity. Even though you're a teen or adult you still may be childish and annoying.

Positive Personality Traits

Being honest no matter what the consequences are is something you should aspire. Having responsibility for your actions and a bit of perfectionism. Adaptability and compatibility are great and can help you get along with others. Having the drive to keep going, compassion and understanding. Having great patience. Getting up the courage to do what's right in those tough situations and loyalty to your friends and love ones.

Negative Personality Traits

Being lazy, not being able to have the drive to keep going. Untrustworthy, always telling lies and making false statements. Being uncaring and disruptive to others. Uncaring to other's property and belongings. Very disrespectful to family and your friends. Having a bad attitude toward any little thing.


May 6, 2016
totaly copied haha check your english skills and this topic skills !!
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