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GUIDE [Guide] Joining A Gang (1 Viewer)


Apr 23, 2016
As we all know, playing on A-TeamRP is incredibly fun and enjoyable.
However, joining a gang or a faction will boost your game experience quite a bit!
Being a part of a gang will give you a sense of belonging and the safety that you need during these hard times.
You will receive a lot of benefits, but you have to put in work to show that you're worth it.
Here is a guide on how you can go from a loner, to a hardcore gangbanger.

1. Gang Life
2.1 Roleplaying
2.2 Support
2.3 What NOT to do
1.0 Gang Life

Gang life is a huge part of A-Team RP.
We're a RP server with quite harsh PvP enviroment. Meaning that we know that the players enjoy a good old fashioned gunfight, and so we allow them to have it.
This does absolutely not mean that we discourage roleplay in anyway, we love roleplay and roleplaying is fundamental here on A-Team.
Being a part of a gang means living a life filled with roleplay and action.
But It's not all games and fun. As a gangmember you have responsibilities towards your family. You've been accepted into the gang and you are expected to help out in any way you can.
This can mean gathering materials for the gang safe, smuggling drugs to make sure that the family is always fully loaded and ofcourse, giving your life for your family.
You will end up in situations where you have to risk your life, in order to help a fellow brother/sister.
On top of this, if you rulebreak, you will not only be punished yourself, but the gang may get punished for your actions.

In short: Being a gangmember is having a ton of fun, and being responbile at the same time!

2.0 How to join a gang

"Family First"

Before getting in on all of the fun, you have to prove yourself worthy and you will be tested on both your server knowledge, knowledge of rules and roleplay.
It's common for gangs to also test how useful you are in different areas, this will usually be in combat.
Let's get to it.

2.1 Roleplaying

"Fake it 'til you make it"

When you're aware of the rules, you can move onto roleplaying properly with the gang that you are trying to join.
The gangs will usually require you to hang out with them, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days.
During this period, they will judge your roleplay, they may not always tell you about it, but they are observing.

  • IC - In Character. This is basicly everything that happens from your characters point of view, not your point of view as a player.
  • OOC - Out of Character. This is the exact opposite of IC. An example would be my IC name is "Antoine Keef" but my OOC name is "Metin".
  • DM - Deathmatch. This is killing someone without a valid IC reason(See above for IC explanation).
  • RK - Revenge Killing. This is killing someone, after they killed you. It's basicly the same as DM, because your character died, and any reason you had to kill the person, would disappear from your memory.
  • SK - Spawn Killing. This is killing someone as they spawn. There is already a script preventing this.

As I mentioned before, roleplaying is absolutely necessary on A-teamRP, specially if you're a gangmember.
The first steps of being able to roleplay, is being aware of the server rules, this includes, but are not limted to:

To see a full list of the server rules, click this http://ateamrp.com/index.php?pages/Rules/

Here is an example of using both /me and /do together:

/me takes out his hand - attempting to shake John 's hand.
/do Would you shake my hand?

It will be displayed like this:

/do allows me to interact with the other player, by giving him the option to reject or accept.

2.2 Support

"I've got your back and you've got mine"

Now that they feel confident that you know the server rules and you're capable of roleplaying, they will start to think about how you can help them out.
There are tons of ways to help out gangs, here are some examples:
  • Collect Materials
  • Collect Drugs
  • Provide Backup
  • Roleplay with potential recruits

Now is the time for you to take a step forward, and show them what you're good at. You might be an excellent shooter, inform them of that, and they can test you.
You might be a very good roleplayer, they would've noticed by now, and you'll almost certainly get invited.

Everyone is different, we all have our good and negative sides, don't be afraid to show them who you are.

2.3 What NOT to do

The list of things not to do is huge, but most of them are summed up to having common sense.
Here are some of the mistakes that people usually do:
  • Spamming - Do not spam gangmember or gangleaders for an invite. Make sure that they know that you're interested, no more is needed. It's okay to occasionally remind them that you want to hang out, but do not spam.
  • Pay attention - Pay close attention to what they are telling you, a lot of times recruits do not bother to pay attention, and they end up asking the same questions over and over again.
  • Do not ask for ranks - Once you're invited into a gang, the gangmembers will notice you and your support. Once they feel that you're doing a good job, they'll speak with the gangleader(s) and you might get a promotion.
    Asking for a rank is not allowed in most gangs, and even if it's allowed, it's just annoying and I strongly recommend that you do so.
  • Do NOT help out during turfs - This is a punishable offense. You may NOT help gangs during turfs, you might be friends with them, but turfs are strictly for official gangmembers.

I wish you the best of luck on your road to becoming a legendary gangbanger.


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