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GUIDE Guide on How to win a Turf (Plans and Strategies) (1 Viewer)

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How do you win a single turf? Its easy and you just have to follow these
Rules and Steps
Recruitment Guide
Be sure to recruit active and non hacker members in your gang. It will be helpful when it comes to turfing and they should have enough money to buy guns and armors during turf time. Dont ever recruit stubborn people in your gang or those who act high. Be sure also that you got guts to join turf after youve invited some members.

Gearing Guide:

It is essential to use shotguns and spas over interior turfs so be sure to gear some of those. I also suggest using deagle in close combats. During exterior turfs, you may use sniper for better kills. Make sure you got enough money to buy those stuffs.

Turfing Guide (Strategies by Rex)


Have enough members to fight over the heat. Dont take the risk of fighting without enough members.


Tog your phones off. This is to avoid conflicts and you were not able to track by others and also bandanas should be tog first during your regrouping time.


Do not ever waste a time during turf. Rush faster and regroup fast this will give you high chance to win over turf.


You can park your gang vehicles near hospitals it can help members without any cars to ride those vehicles and rush back.


Rush on the weak side. Dont ever rush quickly when its exterior turf. Snipe first if you got some snipers and it will be essential in interior turfs to rush over the weak side or any vacant side.


Take over the heat. It will be easy to rush together rather than rushing one by one. Always stick together and be sure that you are confident enough in fighting. Being confident is the key to kill many. Dont ever use cleos to do so

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