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[GUIDE]Vehicles Lock system (1 Viewer)


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Jul 4, 2016
How to install a lock on your vehicle

Recently many people asked on the newbie chat how they can install a lock on their car. So I thought I could make up a guide to make this a bit clearer to the new players.

So at first you will have to find any 24/7.

Second, you will have to enter the 24/7 using "/enter" command.

You will have to write the right command to buy a lock which is "/buylock"

Once you write the command "/buylock" you will see a list with the locks you can install, you can see an Alarm lock and an Industrial lock.


Alarm Lock
The Price of the Alarm lock is $3000 which makes it the cheapest. It is also the most useless lock of the two.
It does not prevent people from jacking your vehicle.
The only thing it does is sound an alarm on when people steal your vehicle. The car lights flash too when the vehicle gets jacked.

Industrial Lock
The Price of the Industrial Lock is $5000 which makes it good for new players. The lock prevents people to the jack the vehicle. But when it is unlocked it will not work. People will be able enter your vehicle when Industrial Lock is OFF (Unlocked), and they will not be able to enter if the Industrial lock is ON (Locked).

I recommend you to use the Industrial lock as the Alarm lock is pointless.

Once you decide what lock too choose, you will have to write the vehicle number in the blank.

Now your vehicle have a lock system, which will allow you to Unlock / Lock your vehicle using a command.

If you want to lock / unlock your vehicle you will have to use the specific command which is "/pvlock".

Once you type the command "/pvlock" the vehicle will be locked / unlocked.


If the vehicle is locked, the jackers will not be able to enter the vehicle, If the vehicle is unlocked, the jackers will be able to enter your vehicle and steal it.

With my best regards
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Lance X Scott,


Jun 17, 2016
Nice One Bro Great Guide Good Job..
Junior Helper Alex Zender
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