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GUIDE HOW TO : Install Weapon Mods (1 Viewer)

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Retired Helper Manager|Captain
Aug 17, 2016
Hey there ! Lookin for mods that'll help you spice up your gameplay ? You've come to the right place buddy :D
I'll show you how to download and install them step-by-step.For instance,you want to download the RMS weapon pack.Don't know how to download and install them ? Well I'll show you !

  • Step 1 : Download ALCI's img editor.Click here to do download.
  • Step 2 : Download the RMS weapon pack from here.
  • Step 3 : Replace the .txd and .dff files using the IMG editor.Don't know how ? Click here to learn.

    Its really simple if you know how.Just follow the video,it'll show you how you can replace the .txd and .dff files :)
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