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GUIDE How to join a gang. (1 Viewer)

Jack Almino

Jul 15, 2016
Hello! Today I'm going to show you how to join a gang!
First of all, you must need a cellphone, and a phone book. You can buy these from a 24/7 store.When you enter, you type /buy. It will appear as the following

Click 24/7 Items


Afterwards, you will have to use [/gangs] to check the gang you want.


In this tutorial, I chose PL . So I searched for the R5-R6 members.
when you find the HC /number [ID] to know their number and then /call [Number].
then you may ask them that you want to be part of their Gang/Family.


He told me to go to Jefferson Motel. (PL HQ). So I did. If you don't know where is it, use /Helpme directions.One from our helper team will respond and help you to get there.


When you're going to join a gang,you will take to types of tests (IC,OOC)
IC - In Character
IC : means In Character. Which means the world of your character, and other characters, which doesn't mean the world of the player who plays the characters. You don't use the brackets for IC. The IC chat should be like when you talk to anyone else IRL, without any simple words like etc, lol, thanx, ty etc... You get it.

OOC - Out of Character

OOC : means Out Of Character. You use OOC for anything which is out of character. Which would be smileys, short terms like wtf, lol, omg, rofl etc.
Anything that is Out of your character. When you talk in OOC you use brackets. I.E (( Hey, lol... how's your weather irl? )).

The OOC Test is Going to be about the server rules.
Here are some Basic Roleplay Rules:
As you know, DM, MG, PG ,KOS, SK ,RK ,CR ,CS ,QS are not allowed.

Deathmatching means that you kill someone without a valid IC reason.
How to avoid Deathmatching: Have a good reason if you want to attack someone. Also RP with the person first or it will be KoS(explained below)

Metagaming is using the information gained OOCly to influence an IC Situation
How to avoid metagaming: Don't use "lol","rofl","lmao" or any other internet shortcuts in IC Chat. (Normal Chat). To use those; type /b [text] and write them. Also if you'd like to talk in other Languages, other than English, Feel free to talk in /b.

Powergaming is roleplaying without giving someone any chances to resist. Or RP situations/actions that are NOT possible in real life.
How to avoid Powergaming:
If you are roleplaying with someone give him/her chances to resist by using /do do I succeed doing this? Or /do Do you resist? Use this when you use a action against someone like /me slowly makes a fist of his hand and punches [player] in the stomach. Or when you tie someone up in your vehicle you also have to RP it and give him a chance to resist by using one of the /do's that I mentioned before. So, when you RP something with someone give the player a chance to resist your action.

(KoS)Kill on Sight:

Kill on Sight means that someone comes up to you and kills you without roleplaying before shooting you. [Use hotkeys if you think it's too hard, typing to shoot.]
How to avoid Killing on Sight: RP with someone before you start shooting the him/her.

(SK)Spawn Killing:
Spawn Killing means that you keep killing someone(or more players at the same time) at the location where they spawn. Like the hospitals, DoC/LSPD HQ or the VIP lounge.
How to avoid Spawn Killing: Don't attack players on one of those locations that I mentioned before. Give them atleast 60 seconds to move from the spawning location.

(RK)Revenge Killing:
Revenge Killing means that you kill someone, because he killed you first.
How to avoid Revenge Killing: You have to wait atleast 30minutes after you spawned at the hospital before attempting to RP(maybe can lead to a kill) with that player.

(CR)Chicken Running:
Chicken Running means that you run in all directions(zigzags) to avoid getting hit by shots that a player is firing to you.
(CR)Car Ramming:
Car Ramming means that you ram someone with your vehicle without a good reason.
How to avoid Car Ramming: If you ram someone with your vehicle RP it. Don't drive away like nothing
(CS)Crack Shooting:
Crack Shooting is using crouch(C buttom) to cancel the animation of shooting and have a ability to shoot faster. Crack Shooting is NOT allowed to use it in shootings against players.
(QS)Quick Swapping:
Quick Swapping is swapping your weapons by using Q and W or Scroll up & down to swap your weapon to avoid reloading. Quick Swapping is NOT allowed when having a shooting against someone.

Then you take a IC Test, in this test they will ask you to roleplay doing stuff like fixing stuff
and more you Roleplay but using /me [Action] and /do [Action]

There is A simple guide of Role-Playing



What is Role-Play.
Role-playing means "playing" a role like you would do in real life, but this time in a game. For example, in real life cops chase people who break the law, for whatever reason - you can become an officer in game and do the same, you can role-play a cop and pull over speeders, or do drug raids, the list goes on... On the other hand, you can be a mobster and join a Mafia. You can be a robber and rob banks or people. Naturally the cops would suspect you for it and there would be a chase, like in real life. However, killing someone and saying "I am a murderer, now come get me cops" with the sole intention of deathmatching (killing someone without a role-play reason) is NOT role-play. That is deathmatching and will be dealt with by the administration with immediate effect.

And finally, she/He'll tell you if you got accepted or denied. Usually gangs offer you a bandana,

Kindly inform me if there's any mistakes in it, my first guide.

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Jun 17, 2016
WOW Great guide best dor newbies


Apr 17, 2016
Very useful guide!
Keep it up!
Jul 5, 2016
LOL, How did you know his number and his name, And how did you know that he's a member of a gang IC'ly ?


Jul 2, 2016
Great Work mate!

pinoy never leave game

LOL, How did you know his number and his name, And how did you know that he's a member of a gang IC'ly ?
That's normal m8, just use /number [playername/id] and it will be shows his number

well, there's don't have to meet up with a gang members IC'ly to know that person is a member of any gang, Just press 'tab' they can press 'tab' to know their currently named as in a gang with a colors, it's a gang/fac. they can use /number to know their number, and he can call that person.

If you're roleplayer person, You must have to find out IC'ly the person who's in a gang. But you will takes a more than time with it.
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