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GUIDE Importance of Materials and How to matrun. (1 Viewer)


Bull Dawg'
Jun 24, 2016
Materials is used for making such things like guns, and other things through the job of Arms dealer and Craftsman.
As You see,when you get a craftsman job,you can craft these items using Materials, the numbers below them are the required Materials.

As an Arms dealer job, You you can craft these guns as a level 1 arms dealer.
I've made a little chart through which you can create guns in each arms dealer levels.(I didn't add the melee weapons)
Level 1 Arms dealer - Shotgun, Sdpistol, Silenced Pistol.
Level 2 Arms dealer - Mp5 and all the guns in the level 1 arms dealer.
Level 3 Arms dealer - deagle and all the guns in the level 2 arms dealer
Level 4 Arms dealer - M4 and AK-47 and all the guns in the level 3 arms dealer
Level 5 Arms dealer - Spas-12 (Combat Shotgun) and all the guns in the level 4 arms dealer


(ps- I'm only arms dealer level 1 I'm just a noob xD)

There are two places which we can Matrun.We paid 50$ and bought 10 packages and after we reached the destination, we get 250 Materials, you can repeatedly do that.But you need to get an Arms dealer job or Craftsman job in order to matrun.You just need to type /getmats in the following places below.
The first place for matrun is located at Commerce(just below the Arms dealer Job)


The second place is located at Willowfield


The Price of 1 material is 2$ so 1O,OOO Materials would cost 2O,OOO to a player, if you got about 35,000 materials just multiply it by 2, its easy, But it depends on the seller but this is the real average price, It could be cheaper or higher as I said, It depends on the seller
Hope it helps you, Thanks!
(1st ps-Tell me If you don't like the colours i used below)
(2nd ps- You can use any vehicle you preferred to matrun with)
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