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GUIDE Paycheck Guide's (1 Viewer)


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Apr 21, 2016

Helper Team, Ateam Roleplay

As I noticed some questions about how to get higher paychecks, and questions about those paychecks, this is the handbook that's going to explain it
What's Paycheck?


That's simple, every hour (at XX:01, for exmple 10:01, 23:01, 2:01 etc...) you get a certain amount of money, based on your work, level, faction etc... that income that you can get by signing your paycheck via /signcheck command (notice you have only 5 minutes to /signcheck, afterward you can't sign it anymore).
now after we know what's paycheck, im going to explain about each section about the paycheck, and how can you increase it.


The "Paycheck" section is based on your player level, when you level up via /buylevel command, you get mote income every paycheck you sign per hour, as level 15 player you get more income per hour than level 5 players.


as for Tax, it's how much from your "Paycheck" will be removed and be given to Los Santos Government
as for us, we wish to keep our Tax's as low as possible, so how can we do that? and how those Tax's actually work?

so, basiclly the higher your paycheck is, the higher your Tax is, but the Tax percentage are diffren't at some paychecks amount, as you may see here:

So I will give a few exmples about Tax:
1000$ paycheck | 10% Tax | 1000 * 0.1 = 100$ Tax | total paycheck : 900$
2000$ paycheck | 25% Tax | 2000 * 0.25 = 500$ Tax | total paycheck : 1500$
2700$ paycheck | 30% Tax | 3700 * 0.3 = 1,100$ Tax | total paycheck : 1600$
1500$ paycheck | 15% Tax | 1500 * 0.15 = 225$ Tax | total paycheck : 1275$
4000$ paycheck | 35% Tax | 4000 * 0.35 = 1400$ Tax | total paycheck : 3600$

notice that if you forget signing your paycheck, your money will be transfered to your next paycheck, so the Tax would be higher, for exmple:

instead getting this:
1000$ paycheck | 10% Tax | 1000 * 0.1 = 100$ Tax
1000$ paycheck | 10% Tax | 1000 * 0.1 = 100$ Tax
total 200$ Tax

you will get this:
0$ paycheck | 0% Tax | 0 * 0.1 = 0$ Tax
2000$ paycheck | 20% Tax | 2000$ * 0.2 = 400$ Tax
total 400$ Tax

so if you forget signing your paycheck, you might get higher Tax than signing your paycheck it on time.

as for the paycheck, you can get interest for your bank balance.
as your bank balance * your interest rate = interest gained
the only way you can get higher interest rate is by being a donator.
as normal player you have 0.1 interest rate,
as Daisy donator you have 0.2 interest rate,
as Rose donator you have 0.5 interest rate.
notice that the maximum interest you can gain is 5000$.

Faction pay

As a Faction member, you get paid per hour from the government to your paycheck, based on your facion rank.
as LSPD rank 6, you get paid more than LSPD rank 1
as FMD rank 6, you get paid more than FBI rank 1 etc...

Turfs Shutdown bonus

This is only for LEO's factions members (FBI or LSPD)
every turf they shutdown (capture [/turfs / /shutdown]) you get 600$, the maximum here is 1800$ if the factions have 3 captured turfs.

Legal jobs Payment
You may notice some jobs won't give you the payment right away, so those jobs (as miner, garbage man, lawyer job etc..) will be at this section.


your income will be transfered to your bank account, so you could withdraw it and use it.​

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