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GUIDE Posting a Forum Complaint (1 Viewer)

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Supremo| Ku$H
Old School
Aug 19, 2016
We've noticed that there are some FC's that are made by new players, and the majority of them get closed for insufficient evidence or other reasons, that is why we have decided to clarify some stuff in the FC's (Valid Evidences etc.)

1. Introduction.
- What is an evidence?
An evidence is something which shows that the accused player is breaking the rules, it can be a video, a screenshot etc.
- Why can I report a player?
All the rules are explained, if you see a player who is going against the rules, and you have valid evidence (Explained below) then you can go to the forums and report him
- Faction/Gang/Player/Staff Complaints.
There are sub forums where you can post whatever FC you want to make, we will explain them better below.
- How to make the FC to be resolved faster?
Obviously, we are talking about punishing someone for rulebreaking, and sometimes the punishment can be a ban from the server, that's why the administrators discuss this carefully, looking closely and analizing all the fragments from the video, this is why, the clearer that the evidence is, the better. Also try to use your best grammar and spelling so admins have no problems to understand you.

2. Evidences.
- Posting a valid evidence.
Posting a valid evidence is very important and we will explain them here.

A Valid evidence is an evidence which can help the administrators decide and conclude wether a player is guilty or not, for example, if you want to report someone for DM'ing, you can't just post a screenshot and say "He DM'd me", you need a video which shows him killing you for no reason, also you must include some time before the kill happened so the administrators can make sure that you did not give the other player an IC reason to kill you.

It is preferable to post a video instead of a Screenshot, in the majority of the cases, you can't show someone's guiltiness with a picture (Only in very obvious cases), a video can show what happened before and what happened after that, and it will obviously be resolved faster.

To sum up, the more evidence you provide, the better. I'd suggest that you get a recording software such as "Bandicam" or "Action" (I don't like Fraps, it takes up too much space.) and record all your gameplay.

3. Player/Faction/Gang/Staff complaints.
- When to post a player complaint?

Post a player complaint when someone who is not a member of a faction (or is not abusing any faction powers) and is not a gang leader (R5+) breaks the rules (Faction leaders shouldn't be FC'd here too.).
The most common FC reasons are "DeathMatch" or "Hacking (Which includes using any scripts that give advantage over other player's gameplay).

- When to post a Faction Complaint?
Post a faction complaint when Faction powers are abused or when "Faction Rules" are broken (See: Rules - Faction Rules) Faction powers can be abused when you abuse faction commands or when you abuse free faction weapons, such as free Desert Eagles given to members of LEO factions, also post a faction complaint when a faction leader rulebreaks, this is very important.

- When to post a Gang Complaint?
Post a Gang Complaint when a gang member from any gang breaks any Gang Rule (See: Rules - Gang Rules & Turf War Rules), you can also pust a Complaint tagging multiple gang members, make sure that they rulebreaked before posting the FC, also post a gang complaint if you see a gang leader (R5+) rulebreaking.

- When to post a Staff Complaint?
You saw an admin rulebreaking? Post a staff complaint, it will be reviewed by the staff supervisors, and depending on the evidence, he will be punished or not, only you and the admins can see the FC's you make so they are kept private.

Please note: Do not post a fake Complaint to get someone punished, it just makes admins waste their time, and it won't be accepted.

We hope that this guide orientates new players on how to make a proper Forum Complaint, and that they help us keep Ateamrp clean from rule breakers!
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