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Hello guys, i decided to make an big event with a big prize. Everyone can join this event and everyone can get the prize, all you need to do is following the steps:
  • You should invite players to our server, more players you invite, more rewards you get.

  • Once you invited, ask them to put you're name(IN-GAME NAME ex: Banny_Box) as a referred player like here:

  • Inviting one player which typed you're name as a referred will get you earn 1 referral token
  • But once you invited that player, he needs to play 8 hours before you get that token
  • The prizes for the event are big, which you can see them below:
  • 5 referral tokens= 200.000 materials
  • 10 referral tokens= 450.000 material
  • Contact me in-game for the rewards.

I hope you'll enjoy my event. Thanks


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.

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