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GUIDE What is Roleplay ? (1 Viewer)


May 8, 2016

basically is basically acting. As a player of a Role-Playing server, you need to act as if you was the character in real life.
In all fact, this is not difficult at all as you all live normal lives, just take what you do in your normal life and altar to your characters life style.


he server obviously has its own set of rules, but they're rules for roleplaying that are just common sense.
These include;
Death Matching
Mixing IC and OOC
Bunny Hopping

and i will go more into depth with these.


Well, IC is an abbreviation for "In Character" which means all the things you do as your character.

Because we're in a role-playing environment, think of your character as an alive person. Only do/say/act the way you would in real life IC because its the whole point of making any Role-Play environment more fun.

For Example;
Saying things in character would be like:
"Excuse me, do you know where i could find a place to rent cars?"
You're generally asking another person on the server a question, and they should give you good response such as
"Yes, you can find it just outside the airport. A taxi driver would be able to take you there." Act as you would in real life.

Now for OOC, its an abbreviation for "Out of Character", which is the person behind the computer/laptop playing the game.

To talk to people OOC, you must use the /b command which will bring up brackets to show its OOC, directing it to the person behind the screen and not the player in character.

For Example;
if you said" Does any1 know were i can buy some guns im lost lol"
because that contains numbers/abbreviations you would have on a online chat service, its OOC, but you're also including buying the guns, which is for your character so thats IC.

Example of mixing IC with OOC.
"Does anyone know where i could get some "heat"? "
"/b Lol, dam im actually lost xD "
Thats the correct use, of IC and OOC. Its not hard at all, and so many people are mixing it.


Meta-gaming is using OOC (Out of Character) information to know about IC (In Character) information.
e.g. Knowing a players name because its above there head. In real life it doesn't work like that. So it can't work like that in a Role-Play server.


This is doing things thats unrealistic basically. A prime example is bunny hopping (Where you run and jump to get places faster.)
Its a fact bunny hopping is a lot quicker then running/jogging on the game, but you have to ignore that fact its a game when your role-playing, in real life you don't witness people running and jumping to get places faster, if you can't do it in real life, you can't do it in this environment.


Oooo, a good one. People for some reason love this, and i have no idea why.
Killing players for no reason at all is death matching. Think of it like this; when you kill someone for no reason, its death matching. If you stupid reasons for example someone pissing you off OOC, then its death matching.
If someone role-plays (acts) unto the point where you/they are killed, it isn't death matching because there are reasons for you dieing.
Don't think because you have a gun, you can kill anyone.


When you're fighting, guns/fists etc etc, think of it as a round. Who ever wins, wins the round, so you cannot go back for revenge, you've already lost.

Thanks for reading this guide. !

If you have any question contact me IG "John D Looza"

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