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GUIDE Basic Roleplay Terms. (1 Viewer)

Jul 5, 2016
Basic Role-Playing Terms.

Role-Playing (Roleplay, RP, RPing):
The concept where one acts out scenes and stories with others around a particular theme by assuming a "role" and taking on the personality of a particular character. It is your character acting out or telling his or her own particular story. Everything that you post is to that end. It refers to a situation of fictional context whereby you portray yourself as someone you are not. It allows you to be whatever you want (within sim rules/limits of course) as though you were playing a part in a large multi-leveled interactive movie.

Out of Character (OOC):
The typist, the person behind the avatar, the RL person behind the keyboard.
OOC: Anything that occurs and/to relates to things out of the game. This means you are speaking with your OWN voice and not the voice of your character. In local chat this is often denoted by a set of double parentheses on either side of your statement. eg /b, /n and /o are the common OOC channels or anything under these brackets (( Sorry, I'm kinda lagging )) or (( Damn, my keyboard is broke, Sorry if i hit you mistakenly )). Use of excessive ooc comments is frowned upon while RP is going and very disruptive for the people engaging in ongoing RPs.

In Character (IC):
The character in your screen, the avatar and the role/character/personilty you have given him/her.
IC: Anything that occurs in and/or relates to what happens in the role-playing game (to/by the characters). If you are talking "IC" it means you are speaking with the voice and words of yourcharacter. When making IC posts, you should NEVER use abbreviations (how r u?, lol, rofl, etc.) or emoticons ( , ^.^, :p, etc.). When you are IC you should also avoid the use of gestures - they distract from RP.

IC/OOC Line:
The line between ‘in character’ and ‘out of character.’ Players are not their characters and are not necessarily even like theircharacters, and vice versa. Realize that everything that is happening when IC is just that - a character someone is playing in a game. Do not take IC actions, insults, fights, etc. personally. You may not like another character, but respect the fact that they are just that .. a character.

Metagaming ( MG ):
Bringing OOC knowledge into an IC situation, e.g. knowing that acharacter really likes busty brunettes, when it has never been mentioned, and your character has no basis for knowing this fact. Any knowledge discovered through “out of character” means may not be used “in character.” The practice is considered “meta-gaming”, which is a strict no-no. This includes, but is not limited to: conversations ‘overheard’ in avatar chat range when yourcharacter could not reasonably overhear it due to “physical” constraints (i.e., through walls, floors, ceilings, or the ground), and using information gained through looking at the Avatar Tag, reading profiles, use of the mini-map or camming around. Don't use information/knowledge your character hasn't earned - onlythings discovered/learned through roleplay can be used ICly.

Powergaming ( PG ):
Roleplaying is a give and take experience. No one is invincible, no one has all the answers to any problem, has all knowledge, etc. - everyone has weaknesses, so let your enemies know yours and take turns battling and exploiting each other. It makesroleplaying with you a lot more fun. If people start to groan when you're around or avoid roleplaying with you, you might want to try and change your tactics. If in doubt - IM the people you are RP'ing with to make sure you're all in agreement about what ishappening.

Death Match ( DM ):
Killing someone without a reason. For example: PersonA and PersonB are talking then suddenly PersonC walks towardsPersonA and B and starts shooting at them or kills them that counts as DM, DM is strictly NOT allowed.

Kill on Sight ( KoS ):
KoS means Killing on Sight, for example If you're in a gang and you see a member of another gang and then you start shooting at him "Ohh, He's grove... Kill him" and/or when you see a cop andstart shooting at him "Fuck the cops, Kill them" totally non-RP, You don't kill a anyone in real life for being in an organization or a faction.You MUST have a roleplay reason to kill somebody or else you'll be punished.

Spawn Killing (SK):
Waiting either at hospital/spot where player will log back into the game to kill a person. This is strictly not allowed!

Revenge Killing (RK):
When somebody kills you and you take your turn after death and kill him. Remember after your death you lose 30 minutes ofmemory and can't remember who killed you.

Chicken Running:
Chicken running;start running chicken in zigzag motion or in circles around someone to avoid being hit by the bullets of a person who's shooting.

Thought it might help the newbie's and even the high-level rule breakers. Hope you like it.
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Apr 23, 2016
(CR)Car Ramming:
Car Ramming means that you ram someone with your vehicle without a good reason.
How to avoid Car Ramming: If you ram someone with your vehicle RP it. Don't drive away like nothing happened.
(CS)Crack Shooting:
Crack Shooting is using crouch(C buttom) to cancel the animation of shooting and have a ability to shoot faster. Crack Shooting is NOT allowed to use it in shootings against players.
(QS)Quick Swapping:
Quick Swapping is swapping your weapons by using Q and W or Scroll up & down to swap your weapon to avoid reloading. Quick Swapping is NOT allowed when having a shooting against someone.

(RT) Rush Taze:
Rushtazing is when you shoot your tazer at someone who is either firing their weapon at you or aiming down their sights directly at you. You can, however, taze from behind.


Jul 30, 2016
those are copied from other server.


Jul 30, 2016
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