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GUIDE How to lead a successful Gang (1 Viewer)

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Silva Squad
Jul 16, 2016

Are you a gang leader?Are you troubled that your Gang isn't properly functioning?Do you wanna know how to fix it?Well you've come to the right place!

I'll go through each and every step which are required to run a well organized gang

Step One:
Get an organized High Command:R5s and R6s in a gang are very important since they're the backbone of the gang,they're the ones pulling the strings and operating everything.You MUST give R5/R6 to people who can handle it,and not people who'll abuse it for their benefits - 90% of gangs suffer getting a strike or disbanned because of their incompetent High Command breaking rules.
TIP:Before applying for a gang set up your High Command first

Step Two:
Don't make any enemies with any gang unless you cannot handle it:Many gang members quit their gang when they're getting overpowered by a more superior gang.It's in the human nature to join the group or band in which they can be successful.In your early stages,avoid making enemies and avoid starting a war UNLESS you can handle it
TIP:Make allies first and then move on to making beef with other gangs.

Step Three:
Try to attend turf as a TEAM:Turfing is the most important part of a gang apart from roleplay.Turfs ensure the security of the gang and the entire server will know who's the top-dog when the take a look at the turf list.
Here are the tips for winning a turf:
  • Don't rush in exterior turf such as MP1 MP2 MF2 MP2 etc.These turfs have huge area of play which you can utilize to your advantage.Try to enter the turf from the part which has the least amount of enemy members,try to take over rooftops to get a high vantage point
  • After you die,try not to rush since chances are that they will over power you and will kill you in a 3v1 or even a more brutal death.RUSH when there's a 1v1 or a 1v2 or a 1v3 where the enemy team has low HP
  • SNIPERS - Snipers are very important since they can help you when you least expect it - in SAMP sniping is easy because there's no spread in sniping.At that point when there's a 1v1 going in the turf,a sniper can EASILY take out the enemy with LITTLE to NO effort because a shooter will remain stationary or move slightly.
  • Kill the capper - Killing the capper can do immense amount of damage in their attack since they cannot cap the turf and will help you win the turf.Killing the capper is also an emotional blow to the other team since they lose hope and give up trying to fight
  • Interior turfs are really hard compared to exterior since snipers are useless and there are lots of rooks and crannies to go through,use this as your advantage to lose your enemy,you can also use a sprintbind inside an interior turf to easily win at outrunning your enemy since snipers aren't a problem.
  • Learn to use SHOTGUN AND RIFLE - The basic pump action shotgun and rifle are generally the best weapons to use since they're versatile and will not cause you much - The rifle is the deadliest weapon when you can use it properly.

Last step:
Keep your members happy:Your members in the gang are your life,they're your members and it's solely your responsibility to keep them happy.
  • Give them paychecks every week - Giving money to your members will make them extremely happy and they'll think that you really care about them - DON'T BE SELFISH.
  • Don't act rude with them - Your members are your brothers,Don't treat them like your slaves,be extra friendly with them,but not too friendly.
  • Promote them - Don't keep em R2 or R1 their entire lives because good members do deserve promotions for their hard work in repping the gang.
  • Make sacrifices for your members because they're the one's who are the workforce of your gang.Be greateful for your members - because if it weren't from them then you'd not be here



Retired Helper Manager|Captain
Aug 17, 2016
If only people followed and lead a gang this way.......................................................


Apr 17, 2016
Good Job!
Keep it up!
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